Learning Failure

learn from success

Recently I was working on a new system and I swear that I failed more than I had done right. It’s a really great program and I know I will be glad I learned how to use it…just not at that moment. All I could see was what was NOT working!

So I stepped away, got some air, got some coffee, then tried again.

Once I returned, not only did I have a better perspective, I discovered that I was understanding the program. I was definitely learning what it did not do.

Granted, I felt it could’ve gone easier. Not gonna lie.

The successes of life are not what teach us how to grow and change. It is the failures that test us, challenge us! It is what we do with those failures that bring the successes should we choose to learn from them.

I’m sure you’ve all heard the success rates of famous failures like Thomas Edison, Albert Einstein and Walt Disney. They are really quiet remarkable. They remind me to keep “learning”. The success will come.

Kamilla “True satisfaction comes from helping others succeed”

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