Building Hope


Plus it confuses the heck out of some people!  Being an ENFP (Meyers-Briggs) makes me an eternal optimist.  I am rarely down for long and can usually find the hope in a situation.  This is why I make a great cheerleader for the small businesses that I work with.  I always believe that the under-dog should win, that the hero takes care of the villain and every entrepreneur deserves a chance.

Will there be days that suck?


Will there be sun tomorrow?

Don’t know but plants need rain to grow so either way, we win!  Choose to look for the hope every day as you work to grow your business!  It helps brain power and over-all health.  Being an optimist has never let me down…at least I don’t think it has.  Maybe it did and I just didn’t know it!

“True satisfaction comes from helping others succeed”



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